Rafica Grower Management

Rafica Grower Management Solution is tailored to assist organizations manage farmer relationships and interactions. Rafica Grower Management Solution is designed to work alongside organizations handling small scale farmers and purchasing produce from farmers with the aim of streamlining the activities and processes involved.

Rafica PS- Purchasing Services

A mobile client software for purchasing produce from a farmer.

Rafica ES - Extension Services

A mobile client software for providing extension services to farmers.

Rafica MS - Management Services

A web-based management information system.

Rafica FS - Financial Services

A financial smart card solution for processing and remitting payments to farmers.

Farmer Management
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  • Register and recruit farmers to supply produce to the organization.
  • Plan and project the out growers production
  • Ensure quality and timely delivery of produce to the factory.
  • Maintaining data and information regarding the farmer’s production
  • Ensure timely payments to farmers for produce deliveries
  • Identify and designate the collection points.
  • Monitor activities at collection points in real-time
  • Ensure efficient collection & transport of produce from out growers
  • Monitor produce movement & weights from collection point to factory
  • Provide extension services to the out growers.
  • Ensure timely supply of inputs to the out growers.
  • Monitor effective management of out growers’ credit facility system.
  • Provide effective communication channels between factory and the out growers

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