KCB Capital stock brokerage workflow processes

About Project:

KCB Capital runs the stock brokerage arm of Kenya Commercial Bank. Its vision is to service a wide retail network while retaining the capability of also servicing a corporate clientele within Kenya, East Africa, and diaspora at large.

KCB Capital commissioned Rafica Ltd to provide consultancy services to assess and develop business processes, process workflows, and IT integration towards internationally recognized best practices. The consultancy provided the basis for planning the transition towards the projected integrated system.

Rafica Ltd key goals and tasks under this assignment were to:-

  1. Define and publish the processes, documentation, procedures, process flowcharts, IT systems, and required IT connectivity;
  2. Define top level organizational structure and functional areas;
  3. Determine lower-level operational processes;
  4. Delineate process flowcharts diagrams;
  5. Define related entities such as process owners, roles, departments, and IT systems;
  6. Re-engineer business processes as a basis for the future implementation;
  7. Relate processes and activities to relevant IT systems;
  8. Compare between the enterprise process model and the offering of vendors and analyse vendor gaps and;
  9. Provide IT risk mitigation and security related recommendations.


Posted on:

January 11, 2016


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