KTDA ERP Business Processes

About Project:

KTDA [H] sort to implement an Integrated Business Process Management System to harmonize their efforts and achieve increased synergies across their diverse business units and improved integration with its subsidiaries.

KTDA [H] commissioned Rafica Ltd (Rafica) to provide consultancy services to assess and examine the existing business processes, security processes and infrastructure towards internationally recognized best practices. The consultancy will provide the basis for planning the transition to the projected integrated system.

Rafica Ltd key goals and tasks were to:-

  • Review available information with KTDA [H] on the context of the progress realized in the planned project and the investment cost.
  • Undertake multiple business (group) situation analysis and design, including assessment for interactions/mappings within the existing and any future business units.
  • Analysis, design and documentation of an integrated business process framework covering KTDA [H], subsidiaries and managed factories.
  • Review existing and desired system processes.
  • Develop the business and system process maps for the “TO-BE SYSTEM”.
  • Assist in development of Request for Proposals for an integrated business system.
  • Identify possibilities for shared services.
  • Document information that would serve as baseline for use in assessing and implementing an appropriate integrated business system (comprehensive systems analysis, requirements and specification document).
  • Formulate suitable monetary and auditing procedures for use during evaluation and implementation.
  • Managing change process from “AS-IS” to “TO-BE”.
  • Supervise implementation and commissioning of the ERP system.


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January 11, 2016


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