Rafica Trading Solution

Rafica Trading Solution supports the entire agri-trading lifecycle management. The agricultural commodity trades are undertaken in a user friendly manner whilst preserving the business requirements and controls of  the contracts.


Subscribers can use this platform as an electronic trade service to negotiate and agree price, quality, delivery and any other terms. The platform assists in price discovery, inventory levels, shipping instructions and payment status. The platform considerably improves staff productivity and customer satisfaction.


  • Workflow customization to coordinate the internal functions of Management, Trading, Logistics, Inventory Management, Sampling, Accounting , and Customer Service
  • Payment and Settlement solution that ensures all transaction parties are paid promptly and accurately.
  • Online catalogue provides customers with a self-services tool for discovering and ordering products.
  • Back office integration. Once the trade is complete, the final contract can be seamlessly downloaded into your own back office system
  • Historic analysis. The system provides a complete history of all transactions, clients have access to historic trade analytics and an audit trail for all deal tickets created.


  • Publish available inventory to buyers securely
  • Send a quote to one or many buyers
  • Receive quotes requests from buyers
  • Buyers can request samples online
  • Generate and send invoices electronically
  • Monitor inbound and outbound warehouse movement
  • C&F can generate loading and shipping instructions
  • Buyer can purchase items electronically
  • Payment is real-time
  • Movement status can be monitored online
  • System administrator can define access rights and roles

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